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Edwin Leskin

SciPhy Systems

Working with Kuma Creative is a fantastic experience. From Daniel’s exciting and unique design ethos to his utter professionalism and responsiveness, every step of the process is clear and effective. His ability to translate our ideas and directions (from general concepts to full storyboards) into amazing designs/functionalities continues to be impressive. When it came time to build our new website, we looked at multiple agencies that would have taken twice as long to complete and be half as engaged. We are very happy we worked with Daniel, and thats why we continue to.

Trey Scott

Three Flames Productions

Daniel took an existing logo and brand look and created a contemporary look for us that is now reflected in every aspect of our film production assets. He also was instrumental in updating our website to make it a much more user-friendly experience.The positive feedback is consistent from our new and existing clients.

Caitlin Doemner

Celebrity Adventure Challenge

I’ve worked with a lot of designers and Daniel is by far the best. I’m telling all my friends. Thank you so much!

Grace Evins

Live Well WNC

Daniel Kairoff recently took the reigns as my practice's digital marketing guru and we have not been happier. Thus far he has helped us to develop marketing initiatives and strategies and he has been able to propel those ideas forward effectively and efficiently. He has redesigned our website and has maximized the productivity of other digital marketing platforms to function better as a marketing tool. Daniel is a pleasure to work with and very professional and organized in his approach to working with clients.  I highly recommend him!

Trey Scott


Daniel listened attentively and helped to shape a brand guide for our App that is both intuitive and appealing. It's all now part of our trademark and App navigation platform for users. He also installed an awesome website that has helped to garner attention in our pre-launch phase.

Christine Kane

Uplevel You

In addition to a valuable set of skills in the online platform world, Daniel is professional, asks all the right questions, researches, learns, digs in and does the work. His knowledge of trending tools and systems is top-notch, as well as his marketing and design know-how.

Skull-part-01Asset 3about me2

Hi, I’m Daniel Kairoff. I’m a graphic designer, creative director, new media artist, and musician.

I grew up in North Carolina, and from a young age, I've been obsessed with making things. In school, the blank lines in my notepad always looked more like sketchbook paper to me. I was always enthralled with the act of putting pen to paper and creating something that did not exist before.

In college, I discovered the power and finesse of new media and computer animation. I fell in love with graphic design as a compelling means of wordless storytelling. After graduating and working as a touring musician, I took my first job as an animator. Soon after, I started my own business and began to explore my capacity as an entrepreneur as well as an artist. Since then, I've been fortunate to work with many great clients and creatives.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to peruse a selection of my work, download my resume, or direct message me to start a conversation!