//Talent Jam - Design, Branding, Marketing


The Kaufman foundation wants to create an economic development initiative centered around an event platform that connects companies that need talent with people that have talent. The event needs a brand that is unique but also universal and scalable. 

They also need a website that works as a hub for all the talent jam events around the world.


A top to bottom rebrand for the event and franchise. The logo ties into the “dueling pitches” format of the event where companies that need talent pitch to people that have talent and vice-versa. We also created a web platform that lets people stream Talent Jams or apply to host their own syndicated event a-la Ted-X.





Additionally, I helped with some of the operational aspects of this project and worked on the franchise model for Talent Jam that made it possible for these events to happen all over the world with partners like Chick-Fil-A, Logitech, Mariott, and Bank of Ireland.


The first run of Talent Jams sold out in advance. The Kaufman Foundation’s dream of connecting people and creating jobs was realized. Today Talent Jam is an internationally syndicated event with variations including events specifically for women and veterans.