//Turtle Links - Animation, Character Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics



The Littlest Golfer, Inc. needs a 3D animated pilot based on their characters Sandy and Putter.



From storyboarding to character animation to compositing — I, in a team of 3, worked to bring Putter, Sandy, Steve, Stinky, and Mulligan to life in a fun and educational golf-centered story.

<<b>Sandy</b></br>Animation and Character Design

Working off of the established illustrations for Sandy and Putter, and developing the look for a new character - Mulligan the Dog, I sculpted and painted in Zbrush, retopo'd, and imported, rigged, and shaded in Modo for animation. I also modeled a few props for the show as well as toy designs including a few stylized golf carts, course shop, and did the voice acting for Steve the Weasel.